Love for Metal such it bleeds from the diverse influences and good compositions that for sure will stick for a while. Check ’em out and if you see them live you will love them straight away! ​”  

- The Metal Magazine, The Metal Magazine (Oct 20, 2017)

Excellent modern heavy rock album from start to finish, period! This band takes the best from the late 80's, early 90's hard 'n' heavy scene and mixes it perfect with today's modern metal sound and the result is solid! I'm looking forward to their full-length album!”  

- Heavy Paradise, Heavy Paradise (Oct 20, 2017)

Silk9 NEVER fails to deliver!! Silk9 never fails to bring it to the table, and then kick over that table!!! Just an onslaught of powerhouse riffs and licks that only Anthony knows how to deliver!! A new singer from previous EP, and Scott stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!!!! His range makes for some Phenomenal backing vocals on these tracks and as a fan of studio work, it is appreciated!!! All the track are just, very well produced and all the songs have what any Silk9 fans have come to expect....straight forward, in your face, Hard Rock!!!!!!”  

- Eric Koren, Amazon (Oct 27, 2017)

Love this CD! Every track is very great,with hard jams and messages that may even be relevant to your life.It is highly worth the money.My personal favorite is visions Good,drop-tuning riffs and punch you in the face vocals complete this whole EP. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys bands like Pillar, Three Days Grace, and even Steel Panther-ish riffs. 5/5”  

- somedudewhosayssheknowsyou, N/A (Jun 09, 2014)

So I am sitting here listening to the first track called simply “Tears” by a band called Silk9. Never judge a track by the name (something I made sure of on all my own cd’s). First impressions are priceless (if someone is really listening, I mean after all, we are in Pittsburgh: The cover tune, classic rock, tribute band universe!). My first impression was nice effin guitar work. Choppy, no reverb and it punches like Tyson used to….Fuck it may even bite an ear or two. During the song I heard something very familiar made famous by Zakk W. from Ozzy. I could see myself doing cardio to this song (actually I will). “Visions” is a kick ass tune as well. This is very much a guitar driven song in my opinion. Damnit, I always want to have something clever to say, or make fun of something, but I really cannot find a flaw with this band. The whole CD is really well put together and these cats are real musicians. Verdict: Another great band that needs to leave this cover tune driven ”  

- N/A, Pittsburgh Music Review (May 31, 2014)

The new EP featuring the Scorching Hot single "I Don't Know." Straight from the Pittsburgh Hard Rock Scene, SiLK9 has been tearing up the stages with their high energy live show since 2009. With a successful EP, "Exit the Pain" under their belt the band is set to reach new heights with a brand new EP that packs all of the melody and all of the power of their live show. 5 brand new tracks that deliver tighter songwriting, soaring vocals, pounding rhythm and more guitar than you can handle.”  

- Jon Marchewka, RFL records, SiLK9 EP Release (Oct 20, 2017)