Silk9 has been around for a few years now but the latest single “I Won't Carry You” shows the growth of a band ready to take new steps in their music. “I Won't Carry You” takes a cleaner route than some past work, letting the talent of each musician come through. The guitar really takes a stage in the beginning, setting the tone for what’s to come while Jamie's trademark vocals make this song feel like it's coming from a personal place. If this is a sample of what Silk9 is releasing from here on out, I look forward to seeing where they go from this point!"

Jana Lee Macheca, First Angel Media

Jana Lee Macheca, First Angel Media

Jana Lee Macheca, First Angel Media

"SiLK9 never disappoints. Their new single, I won't carry you, has the edge I have come to expect. A solid composition with killer tracks that rip through hooks that are unmistakably SiLK9. Another home run. I can't wait to hear more" 

Bob McCutcheon- President, The Vault Recording

Bob McCutcheon_Presiedent, Vault Recording

Bob McCutcheon_Presiedent, Vault Recording

The new song, I won’t carry you, is incredible!!! It’s the sound we know and love from SiLK9! I’m thrilled Jamie is “home” with the band! I love that they are creating incredible songs and sounding like the bad asses they are! Anthony is killing it on guitar along with Jazz and Matt completing the awesomeness I can’t get enough of!! I love that the music they create is theirs.. their sound from start to finish! I can’t wait to hear what these guys do next!

Roni Milich

Roni  Milich

Roni Milich

The new SiLK9 release, "I Won't Carry You" grabs you out of the gate and hooks you in with strong melodies reminiscent of early Ratt and Roxx Gang!! 

Anthony Leone and the crew nailed this one!!! 

The opening guitar rhythm will stick in your head all day!! 

Kick Ass Song from SiLK9! 


Danny Corso, Sacred Dominion