Pittsburgh rock n' roll titans SiLK9 are back at it again with their brand new single, Find My Way. With it's "light in the darkness" tinged lyrics and augmented power chords, the band pave the way for quite the emotional rocker. The tracks massive hook had me inclined to wave my lighter in mournful unison with its arena ready sound, upon first listen. Those who fancy the radio rock of shinedown and three doors down are sure to eat this single up, and its easy to see why with its powerful message and performance

Jana Lee Macheca, First Angel Media

Jana Lee Macheca, First Angel Media

SiLK9's new single, Find My Way, is exactly what rock n roll needs these days, a touch of modern rock vs the sound of the bands that sold out arenas prior to social media. It has killer guitar riffs, a hard driving beat and strong vocals, similar to the heavy hitters of the 80's and 90's, something that has been missing for a while. 

SILK9 is definitely a band to keep an eye on in 2020!! 

KC Brooks, Locked and Loaded Ventures